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When people think of starts ups and VCs, they think Sillicon Valley, the mecca of Angeles, VCs and developers looking to change the world. Although that is pretty accurate; there has been a ton of Buzz regarding startups in LA and “Silicon Beach.” Last Friday The Talener LA team gathered together to go over recent rounds of Funding, discussing who was funded, who did the funding, and why this is so important.

With our positioning In the LA market, it’s crucial to develop good relationship with companies early on, and this has been pretty clear in 2012 with several placements being done at Startups.

When companies like Facebook and Zynga make a lot of young developers very wealthy with multi million or billion dollar IPO’s, it’s fair to expect many more startups popping up and VCs ready to fund the next “big thing. “ Considering the markets in San Francisco and New York are so saturated, we are starting to see more and more companies naturally starting in LA, hence the new buzz of “Sillicon Beach.”

With over 120 startups being funded just this year by Angels and VCs it’s clear that the rise of Startups in LA is here; growing and searching for top talent to propel their development and growth efforts. It is Talener LA’s job to find the best ones and match them up with the best Talent, something we are all very excited about and strive to assist these Startups develop into the next big thing. 

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