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By: Chelsea Gothie

A new website called, “Nara” was developed recently to recommend unfamiliar eateries to users. Their database was built to generate restaurant recommendations in order to provide information on a restaurant’s cuisine, price, and quality; allowing users to broaden their restaurant horizons. When registering to the website you are asked for your favorite eateries, Nara then suggests similar restaurants to your favored ones, and in the same area. The site hopes to expand outside of restaurants to things such as, music, hotels, and shopping; making them a competitor to companies such as Yelp.

Yelp is a recommendation site which generates restaurants from a specific category the person enters into the site (i.e.: Italian Food). An article was posted in SFWeekly titled, “Top 9 Reason’s You Can’t Always Trust Yelp” told the story of a “Yelper” claiming to be a writer for SFWeekly on a restaurant review. SFWeekly’s food editor caught the writer and contacted her. The blogger apologized and said that she tried contacting Yelp but they wouldn’t let her take it down, saying that it was a “personal opinion”. Yelp’s anonymity makes it a difficult site to trust because one doesn’t know if the “Yelper” is in fact who they say they are and/or even stating the truth.

Which site would you use. . .

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