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The most valuable tool in our line of work is information. While we are not able to predict the future, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on recent trends in the market place. I recently read an article from (Check it out here: about the top 11 trends of 2013. So last Friday I presented the article to my office we came up with ways these trends might affect our business this upcoming year. Here is what we came up with:

1. Second Screen Revolution – Why be entertained with one screen when you can have two? We discussed how it is rare when we are only watching TV and aren’t on our phone/tablet/computer at the same time. I think that we are going to see software engineers in higher demand in the advertising industry. I personally have already seen many advertisers capitalizing on the additional “screen”. We also discussed how gaming companies may also be in a higher need of software engineers. I have seen some commercials about some game systems expanding onto a second screen platform. As we head into 2013 advertising and gaming companies will be some great source material.

2. Big Data – The internet isn’t getting any smaller and neither is the information we can access. This is a trend that we are already seeing in our office. Clients that both teams have been working are asking for candidates that have some type of big data experience, in fact it is so important, we are see quite a few candidates pass between both teams. I bet most of our clients in the upcoming year will have that as a plus if not a must have.

3. And   4. End of Anonymous Trolls/End of Privacy – People are being more open on the internet and the whole idea of personal branding is really taking off. Instead of screen names like “PastPerfect1232” (mine from a LONG time ago) people are posting with handles like LGoldberg. People want to have their voices heard and take ownership of their positions. Maybe that trend is to combat the fact that it’s also becoming harder to remain anonymous, it is amazing the information you can find online. We spoke about how this will make cold calls a little less “cold”. It will be easier to see what our hiring managers and clients are interested in and posting about. New and creative entry points galore!

5. Rise of reporting – This past year a lot of articles have been posted and then had to be retracted due to poor background checks. There was such a push to break the story over the past year, that sometimes it seemed like any lead would get reported. For us that means that the information we are reading about our clients is probably going to be more accurate. That being said, you should still probably double check the source if you can.

6. Death of the Desktop – Well we all knew they already had one foot in the grave. As an office we even discussed how those of us with tablets hardly even use our laptops any more. As an office we talked about how we will probably be seeing a lot of mobile developers in demand.

7. and 8. 3D Printers and Flexible Devices – As an office we didn’t really talk about how it would affect us as a business but more about us personally. How neat would it be to scan and image then have a little plastic figurine of it?  Or have a tablet that could bend and stretch? Pretty awesome! But the technology that those devices are use isn’t very relevant to what we work with currently.

 Which leads to me my next point…

9. Embedded Software – Sensors are going to be the wave of the future. According to the article they will be everywhere from door knobs to tablets. I know I have recently been running into a lot of embedded software jobs that might just be due to poor sourcing though. Either way it is definitely a shift we are seeing on the market. We talked about how as our offices grow and expands it could be a good idea to open a new team that focuses on embedded software.

10. Crowdfunding Mania – New companies have been entering the market the help other startups get their funding. What this means for us as a company is be wary of startups this next year. These companies will make it easier for other new companies to get the ball rolling, but will it be sustainable? Only time will tell. Hopefully we won’t have to find out the hard way if these crowdfunded companies will be able to sustain their income.

11. Robots – Other than being very cool and potentially useful (like those robot vacuums) we weren’t exactly sure how this could change our business in the future. We will probably be seeing a rise in robotics companies which could also be some great source!

After working in the technology space in Boston for the past 6 months I feel that our office has a pretty solid grasp on the market conditions. A few of these trends I am sure that we could have come up with on our own but it nice to have broader idea of what is going on in the technology space across all boards. Whether you are working in the technology space of not all of these trends do affect us in some ways. Whether it is the latest product, a database of information or just reading the news we use technology every day. Can you think of any other ways that these trends might be affecting you?

Happy Holidays!

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