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Here’s a reply by Kroll:

Just read the post (I knew about it because it was Tweeted out). Here’s how Talener should be using Twitter:

  • Brand development- the more you tweet about relevant and interesting information, the more people will come to rely on you as a reputable/trusted source in their network, and therefore building the “brand of you.” You is defined here as the individual RM, and Talener Group as a whole. People must tweet from their individual accounts, and @talenergroup needs to RT them, and vice-versa. AND THIS NEEDS TO BE ACTIVE. You can’t have some RMs doing it and not others.


  • Tweeting jobs- NOT BECAUSE YOU’LL FIND CANDIDATES FOR THESE JOBS, but because people will notice the volume of tweets and think “wow Talener has a lot of jobs they’re looking to fill, they must be doing really well and must be working with a lot of clients. I should definitely work with them next time I’m [looking for a job/hiring].”


For a recruiting firm, it’s about VOLUME of tweets, not tweeting jobs. AND if you’re going to have a blog, the content of the blog is important. Posts MUST be daily, and informative.


And who the hell is tweeting out nonstop right now? You can’t tweet that often from the @talenergroup account. Maybe up to twice an hour, unless you’re actively talking to someone.





I love twitter, but I am not convinced that people use twitter to find jobs.  We should, Talener should, use Twitter to build the individual brands of its Agents more.  I think that we are interesting people and our candidates and clients want to know us more.  

When someone sends me a Linkedin invite or if I have a meeting or get a call from someone interesting, Twitter, along with Linkedin and maybe Google are the 3 places that I am going to go to for discovery information.  

Our Agents need to be thinking about building their own brands.  We are a brand.  Not like Coke or Nike, but in our circles, we are brands.  I don’t think our guys think of themselves that way.

So, long winded, we can keep Tweeting Jobs out from the Talener Twitter feed, but we each need to be building our own personal brands and Twitter can help us do that.

Talk to you soon,

Mike Dsupin

On Dec 1, 2011, at 8:36 PM, “Christian Free” <> wrote:

I’ll say this – I think the two big takeaways from this conversation are the



1: The usage of Twitter definitely entails the creation of a

pseudo-conversation or pseudo-dialogue that, if not properly controlled for

(i.e. if you’re not using your twitter for a focused purpose, such as

exclusively sourcing, exclusively recruiting for a given job, or exclusively

bringing awareness and brand recognition to a particular enterprise), can

become easily very fragmented and dispersed across multiple mediums. Often

times if we follow up on a Tweet we see, or someone reaches out to us having

seen something we’ve Tweeted out, these conversations almost always carry on

in another medium, like a phone call or email. Therefore, it becomes really

important that we know why we’re using Twitter and really define that use

robustly across the company. If we’re going to use it for Tweeting jobs,

that needs to be systematized and consistent. If we’re going to use it for

alerting a broader public audience to trends in the industries we work, that

needs to be systematized and consistent. Etc. Etc.


2. The use of Twitter definitely promotes a degree of authority to whoever

is using it – maybe because it’s so new and trendy, but people tend to feel

that anybody (especially recruiters) using Twitter is automatically an

expert in their respective field of work. We can definitely utilize that

from both a Brand Equity Building perspective for Talener, and this ties

into that whole article we read about “Recruiting 4.0” and the progression

of our industry, and the potential for those agencies that are behind the

times to fundamentally become irrelevant. So we can definitely build our

Brand through Twitter, if we get everyone on board towards a common goal and

using the tool frequently.


Bottom line, let’s strategize what we want everybody using Twitter for…

either for Job Advertising or Industry News Promotion (or both, perhaps

everyone can have 2 different accounts), and then get everyone to do it. I

think that if it’s done consistently with a degree of structure to it, it

can built our Brand and get a lot of people trafficked towards the purposes

we’d like to accomplish.


Your thoughts?


Christian Free

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Mike Dsupin

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