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Amadeus Junqueira, an Emerson alum , was found through our talent acquisition manager Tim Olesnavage.  Coming out of AHALife as an UI Engineer, Amadeus is a sharp guy who possesses exceptional communication skills and was an obvious hot candidate.  It was clear from our first interaction that we would be able to get him out to a number of opportunities due to the wide set of skills he amassed through his work at companies including AHALife and (acquired by Gilt).  Amadeus was also very skilled at articulating his knowledge succinctly.

Within a weeks’ time Talener was generating a lot of activity for him with 6 of our clients which resulted in a number of options for him (3-4 companies either made him an offer or wanted to make him an offer). 

Our client, Learnvest, a well-known NYC based start-up company, had been looking for someone like Amadeus for quite some time.  In desperate need of a very strong UI Engineer, Learnvest knew they needed someone who was a culture fit as well.  It was vital this person had a passion for technology and a start-up mentality. Learnvest was so excited about Amadeus’ background that

Around the time Amadeus was supposed to have his first interview with Learnvest, they were so sure Amadeus was worth pursuing that the entire tech team met with him in Austin at SXSW where they happened to be in town at the same time.  Both parties knew it was a perfect fit.  The company immediately offered Amadeus an opportunity to join their impressive team.  He was hired as a Senior Software Developer and is very excited to start with them in April.

We wish Amadeus the best, and are enthusiastic about the growth potential of Learnvest in the near future. 

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