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Jesse Richards was referred to Talener by a candidate we placed last month, Rich Couzzi.  He was a senior product manager with a very strong skillset and management level experience.  From the moment we sat down with Jesse, he was honest and upfront about his qualifications and what type of position he desired.  With a market-center background, mobile and social media expertise, and a charismatic personality, we knew we’d be able to generate several opportunities for him.

The Project Management team worked closely with Jesse for several weeks, building a close relationship and getting a better understanding of where his background would be a good fit.  He was always honest with his feedback and prompt with communication.  Working with accessible, straightforward, and affable candidates always makes our job so much easier.

One company we were working with, Offerpop, had been searching months to find someone just like him.  They wanted someone who had his industry experience, but more importantly- his demonstrated interest and passion for their product.  After meeting with managers at Offerpop, it was clear that this was a perfect match on both sides.  The company immediately put out an offer, and Jesse couldn’t have been happier to accept.  He will be their Director of Product, a critical position in helping the growing company expand.

We wish Jesse the best, and can’t wait to see how Offerpop evolves in the coming months.  Check out Offerpop at, and Jesse’s self-penned book The Secret Peace: Exposing the Positive Trend of World Events.

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