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We know it’s a little belated, but there have been a lot of exciting things going on here at Talener and rather than skip it all together, we decided it was better to announce it late than never.  Read on to learn more about February’s candidate of the month!

Our New York based Manager of Talent Acquisition, Tim Olesnavage reached out to our February 2012 candidate of the month, Noyda Matos, over a period of more than two weeks and even though she’d been beaten up by phone calls from recruiters, she apparently decided to call us back because Tim was very specific about the jobs and clients he wanted to discuss with her. 

Noyda had been a lead developer with Kaplan and was interested in working on a variety of products and working with some new technologies.  Noyda impressed our relationship managers with her ability to communicate with on a technical level and with business users. 

Henry Boulos, the Director of our NY office got her out to a manager we were working with at CNN and after a fairly exhaustive process that included 3 onsite interviews and a couple of Skype interviews with Turner corporate in Atlanta, they offered Noyda the job with a substantial raise. 

After that Noyda referred a friend to Talener and we quickly placed that friend at Pearson.

We wish Noyda the best at CNN and we’re glad we had an opportunity to help both her and her friend find new roles!

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