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We’d like to congratulate Justin Cottrell on his promotion last night to Manager.  Justin started at Talener in June 2010.  For those that know him, he is a extremely bright, competitive and motivated.  He grew up in Southern New Jersey where he competed in football, baseball and wrestling. He earned a football scholarship to Dartmouth and played there for 4 years, in addition to being Captain his Senior year.   After graduation, he went back to New Jersey and worked as a Construction Project Manager.  Justin wanted more and he moved to NYC to “make it in the big city”.

Over the last 3-4 months he’s really turned up his performance.  Justin is someone who has produced his best results when he has had the most responsibility.  He has been very proactive with us about becoming a Manager and has looked for any opportunity to pitch in. He will be taking over the SW team in New York.

Congratulations to Justin Cottrell, our newest Manager in New York City!

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