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Landing a Job at a Tech Meet Up? Some of the best talent can be found after hours, and recruiters are there looking for it.

FYour Future Career Name Tagrom hackathons to novice developer nights—meet ups have become a great outlet for coders, developers, programmers, and anyone else to gain experience. Whether you attend because a CTO of a Fortune 500 is speaking or you’re a brand new coder looking for support, these meet ups are a great outlet to learn! But, what you may not know, is that these meet ups are more than a social or learning experience; they could land you your next job.

As a staffing agency, part of our job is to find the best candidates for our clients. Luckily, at Talener, we like to go one step beyond that and meet all of our candidates in person. This way, the client and the candidate both get what they want. Tech meet ups are a great, informal way for recruiters to understand the current environment, what people are interested in, and how the future of IT is being shaped.

But beyond that— here is why we like people who attend or speak at meet ups:

  • After Hours: For those of you who are already working, meet ups show recruiters that you are constantly learning and improving yourself after hours. If you aren’t working—then you are proving how dedicated you are to bettering yourself and your future. Spending time away from your family or friends shows a lot of dedication to your craft.
  • Communication & Interaction: We hear over and over again that real-life (not behind a screen!) communication skills are needed in many of the positions in which we place candidates. Even many back end positions require clear communication between team members in the same office, or around the globe. Meet ups let us see how you help others– ask for it, talk about your skills, or interact with a group.
  • Constant Improvement: You are improving your skills after hours and making sure that you are up to date on the newest technologies. While companies may ask for knowledge in a specific technology, their expectation is that you are willing and able to learn additional skills. Some are even leery to hire those who are experts in one area, but can’t or won’t transfer their skills into a new technology.
  • Meeting in Person: Recruiters want to meet you in person! Often, we attend these events. Whether we are just observing in the background, or telling you how we can help you find your ideal job—we have the opportunity to interact with you and get to know you on a personal level. They are less formal, more fun, and less stressful than meeting someone for the first time in an office.

Be Prepared

So what can you do to prepare yourself in case a recruiter from Talener or another company approaches you at a Meet Up?

  • If you are actively searching for a job, carry an updated resume with you or have one readily available to send via email
  • Take a few moments to ask about what they are seeing in the job market for your particular technology. A good tech recruiter will know exactly what the environment looks like.
  • Ask for a business card and check out the company’s website if you aren’t comfortable with giving out your resume to just anyone
  • If you are passively looking for a position, consider giving out a business card instead of a resume
  • Ask them why they are attending this particular meet up. Do they have jobs that they need to fill? Have they had success before?

If you would like to host a meet up in our office space, speak at one of our events, or just have questions about the recruiting process, contact us! We are happy to provide you with career advice, tell you about the current hiring environment in the tech space, or help you find a new position! Our offices are located in some of the top cities in the country- NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Metro Washington DC & San Francisco.

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