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With an aggressive job market for software engineers and other technologist, it’s easy for a candidate to confuse interviews, companies, and jobs. Here’s a series of questions we ask our candidates after completing interviews. We think you’ll find it a helpful tool to keep organized and better manage your transition to a new role.

Immediate questions to answer after the interview:

  1. What was your first impression of the interview and how did it go?
  2. How did you do in the interview?
  3. How long were you there?
  4. Who did you meet? (Names and Title)
  5. What did you talk with those people about?  What questions did they ask you?
  6. How did you handle the questions?
  7. How did they describe the job to you?
  8. What questions did you ask them?
  9. What technical questions did they ask you specifically and who asked you those questions?
  10. How did you leave things off when you left?
  11. What do you think of the job, people, company, and technology?
  12. If they are interested in bringing you back for another interview, would you be interested in going back for another interview?
  13. What questions do you still have about the job, the company, the team, the technology, the future?
  14. Do you want the job? What did you like specially about the position?



  • Keep a list or spreadsheet of all your activity. Activity includes interviews, jobs you’ve applied for directly, people you’ve passed your resume along to, and any other activity relevant to securing your next job. When you get responses from employers or recruiters you’ll be able to see easily trace your steps backward.
  • Past, Present, Future. It’s important also to track companies who have expressed interest in you where you have received some level of response.  Even if you beginning formally tracking midway during your job search it’s important to note:
    • What other positions have you interviewed in the past?
    • What are the interviews you have scheduled?
    • What other companies are you waiting to hear back from?


  • What’s your #1 Job and why?
  • What’s your #2 and why? Etc.
  • How do the new jobs you’re interviewing for compare to your current role or the prospect of staying on the market?
  • Compare – $, Location, Technology, Growth Path, Team, Company, Role


  • How many interviews have you had with each company?
  • What needs to happen to schedule another interview?
  • What needs to happen to make an offer?
  • Do you have your references?
  • Will you pass a background check, drug test, and pre-employment test?
  • Have you spoken to your significant other about your new job opportunities?
  • How would this new job affect your life? (Benefits,  Working Hours, Commute Time and Cost)


  • What is your ideal offer?
  • How are you going to negotiate with the client to get to that number?
  • What is acceptable?
  • What will you definitely turn down?

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