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Busting the holiday hiring myth

It’s all too easy to write off the holiday season as a bust for securing your next job. The excuses are familiar and plenty: employees are absent off on holiday vacations, people are “too busy” with seasonal prepping, the weather’s too nasty to trek around to interviews… We’ve heard all the lines, but urge everyone to take a second thought at the false notion that this is the wrong time of year for hiring. Here’s why as the weather gets colder, the job market actually warms up:

  • Pressure’s On: Companies need to fill open roles before budgets expire at year’s end. After January, hiring managers are more likely to “window shop” for their next hire.
  • It’s The Most Busy Time of the Year: Many of the industries where we have the most placement success have dire needs for extra technical help: e-commerce sites boom during the frantic period of present-buying, entertainment conglomerates push out seasonal programming for home-bound viewers, travel companies win with last minute trip planners, and more.
  • Stand Out: Don’t get thrown in with the New Year’s Resolution crowd. Less candidates are on the market right now, which will give you an instant leg up.
  • Ready to Roll for 2014: Companies want to be ready to go with a full staff for when January 2nd rolls around and everyone is back in the office. By hiring early they can be prepped to hit the ground running immediately as the calendar flips to 2014.

Our first Talener After Hours event on the evening of December 11th will focus on the best ways to kick-off your quest for a new job in 2014, while it’s still 2013. To check out more info about the event in your local city and to RSVP, click here! We hope to see you there for a productive evening of discussion and networking!

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