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The Digital 100

            Business Insider has come up with an evaluation of the top 100 private tech companies worldwide.  These rankings were based upon revenues, market opportunities, growth rates, users, and the perception of investors.  Out of the 100 top digital companies worldwide around 73% of the companies are located in the United States.  Out of those US companies, 20% are located in New York City, and over 40% are located in California.  Since last year’s evaluation, three of the top private companies have gone public: Facebook, Zynga and Groupon.

 A lot of the top private companies now are receiving crazy evaluations that are being corrected by the down market.  In the current stock market, the tech industry has been performing below popular expectation.  Some of the biggest losers are: Facebook, Hewlett Packard, Chip maker AMD in the S&P this past quarter.  The most important effect of this problem of expectation versus reality is a transformation in start-up mentality.   New companies are realizing that their user base is not everything.  “Making money matters,” is the new mindset, quoted by Business Insider.  For example, companies like Tumblr are used by millions, but how do they actively make money?  According to SEER Interactive, Tumblr’s source of revenue comes from paid premium themes and paid inclusion to blog directories–they are not profitable, they are primarily investor backed.  Companies like this need to find a way to use their brilliant ideas to turn a real profit, or they may become a flash in the pan.

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Of the Digital 100, below is the list of top 10 private companies in NY

  1. Bloomberg(2 in world)
    1. Estimated value: $35 Billion
    2. Business: financial market/media outlet
  2. world)
    1. Estimated value: $3.1 billion
    2. Business: Interactive media site for major league baseball
  3. ZocDoc(29in world)
    1. Estimated Value: $750 million
      1. How they make money: Free for users, charges each Doctor
    2. Business: Online booking for Doctor and dentist appointments
  1. Gilt Groupe(31in world)
    1. Estimated value: $750 million
    2. Business: Private luxury/fashion e-commerce site
  2. Everyday Health(32 in world)
    1. Estimated value: $700 million
    2. Business: online health/information resource
  3. Seamless(40in world)
    1. Estimated value: $525 million
    2. Business: web and mobile local food delivery
  4. Media Ocean(41in world)
    1. Estimated value: $510 million
    2. Business: Open operating system for cloud-based advertisement
  5. 10 Gen(43in world)
    1. Estimated Value: $500 million
    2. Business: Developed MongoDB
  6. Appnexus(44 in world)
    1. Estimated Value: $500 million
    2. Business: Platform to buy real time ads
  7. Tumblr(46 in world)
    1. Estimated value: $500 million
    2. Business: blog hosting platform

Trends to watch, how incredible ideas prosper:

  • Advertisement sharing (ex. AppsSavvy, Medialets, Pictela) 
  • E-commerce/retail (ex. Gilt Groupe,
  • Develop new technology, production support, training, and consulting (ex. 10 Gen MongoDB)
  • Licensing of Personal Information (ex. Facebook, any application on Facebook)


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