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To quote the late John Belushi, “It don't cost nothing.”  Bluto, Belushi's character, was referring to a beer during a Rush Event at the Delta Tao Chi Fraternity House.   The same needs to be said about using a Staffing Agency.  

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Companies should use as many possible ways to find applicants for their open positions, such as:

1) Internal transfers or promoting from within (Cost, Free)

2) Posting the job internally for internal referrals (Cost, Free, or if you have an internal referral plan, some cost)

3) Social Media- Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook (Cost, Free)

4) Job Boards- Monster, Dice, Careerbuilder, etc, (Some cost associated)

5) Attend job fairs (Some cost associated)

6) Staffing Agency (Significant cost associated)

Yes, using a Staffing Agency is the most expensive way to hire a candidate, but it is free to compare candidates from an Agency to candidates from other, potentially free or cheaper solutions.  

The war for top talent is incredible, especially in technology.  The value of a great engineer, the cost of hiring the wrong candidate for the job is sometime immeasurable, so don't limit yourself.  Be aware of the cost associated with using an Agency, but you should absolutely use an Agency to ensure that you are getting the best talent possible.


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