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Everything You Need to Know About Java

What is Java? 

Java is a backend programming language.  It was developed in the 1990’s by James Gosling and colleagues at Sun Microsystems.  The name Java is derived from the creators’ reliance on coffee while developing the language. 

As of 2012, Java is the most popular programming language in the world.  There are over 930 million Java Downloads each year and over 3 billion mobile phones run on Java.

Java derived from C and C++ and has several important characteristics. It is robust, class based, object oriented, and multi-threaded. There are several key advantages when using java.


  • Java is easily reusable

o   They have the motto “write once, run anywhere”

o   Java is object oriented which allows you to create modular programs and reusable code

  • Java is easy to learn

o   Java along with C and C++ are often used as precursor languages to learn before any others

  • Java is platform independent

o   Java code can be used on multiple hardware/operating systems

  • Java is secure

o   Java is developed with security measures in its design

o   Allows for network and file access restrictions

  • Java is multithreaded

o   It has the capability to perform several tasks simultaneously

Despite, these advantages, companies often chose alternative languages for various reasons.  Many criticize that Java has a slower runtime and consumes more memory than other programming languages.  Another criticism of java is its build time.  Other languages are more syntactically concise, meaning that less code is needed to create the same end product. 


Java still remains a key pillar of the technology community and a basic understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of this programming language is important for anyone starting out in technology staffing, therefore we can only guess that Java will be in use within the technology community for many years to come.


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