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There are some obvious faux pas that we are all guilty of when searching for a job. Luckily, in addition to connecting you with companies, Talener offers resume review services, interview prep, and coaching to get you through one of the most stressful times of your life.

While some of these may seem obvious, these mistakes are made every day as re-writing a resume or interviewing cause nerves run rampant. So before you click apply or handover your resume to us, or another resource, ask yourself these questions:

When is the last time you read your resume? I mean, really took the time to review your entire resume to refresh your memory about projects or skills that you’ve listed. It happens more often than you think, a hiring manager asks about at technology you have listed, but haven’t touched in 5 years.

Did you do your research? Did you check out the company site, including the “About Us” Section? What about the manager’s LinkedIn profile? Do you have talking points or questions to bring up to further your engagement?

If you are given an interview, how will you arrive on time to your interview? Do you have alternative transportation methods if the trains are running late or traffic is at a standstill? Plan your arrival wisely.

Are you prepared to tackle a technical interview and/or an HR interview? Preparation for these interviews should be approached differently, including understanding their title and role within the organization.

If asked, can you talk about what you are doing to keep up in your tech stack? Experience is great. Talent is irreplaceable. But what about motivation and growth? What are you doing to maintain your edge outside of work? Do you have personal projects? Are you involved in tech community projects or meetups?

You should begin your job search with these five questions. Once you can clearly answer the above questions, begin your serious job search. If you need to make changes to your resume, do it. If you need to take a trip across town to clock the time it takes for an interview (or future commute), do it.

But don’t give up. After a few weeks, candidates that we meet will lose contact because they are frustrated that interviews don’t pile up. In certain tech stacks, the market is candidate friendly, where as in others, it’s saturated with highly qualified applicants. We will continue to reach out to you with opportunities, but we also want you to come back to us for feedback, new leads, or ideas. You never know, we may have an ongoing relationship or insight about a company that you’re interested in.

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