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In today’s world, emerging technologies are on the forefront of just about everything we have known and loved.  With that being said, these technologies have taken industries and really spun them on their head.  The latest industry to feel this wave is the Marketing Industry.

We still have our billboards, television commercials, and newspaper advertisements but who actually pays attention to those anymore.  People are constantly on their smartphone’s, tablets, and laptops checking emails, texting or just surfing the web.  Now when it comes to marketing, literally every second is an opportunity to showcase a brand or product.  With consumers spending an increasingly large amount of time on mobile and handheld devices it only makes sense that marketing strategist focus their energy on this growing market.  Here are 5 marketing trends that are close to (and already) taking over the marketing arena.

1. Location Services (iAds, AdMob)

Social Applications that are location based such as Foursquare, and Path have been taking the consumer market by storm.  These social applications use iAds and AdMobs to track the places you go and things you have liked.  Then they are able to send advertisements based around the consumers activity and preferred industries.

One piece of technology that is creating buzz with these location services is Near Field Communication (NFC).  NFC technology means data being transferred and contactless transactions through mobile devices and other tablets.  NFC is used on a daily basis when it comes to either connecting to Bluetooth or WiFi connections, as well as sharing photos, videos and contacts through social networking.  One major NFC technology that has recently hit the market has been the GoogleWallet which allows individuals to use their phones like credit cards (think of buying tickets online and using your phone to show/scan your ticket).

2. New Ad Formats

You can no longer just throw up a logo of a brand and expect people to care or even notice what it is.  Pre-roll video ads (youtube) and other “forced view” options, ads have to be engaging to the consumer.  Integrating brand messages with relevant content is now a must.  Ads are given about 5 seconds to impress and if they don’t capture your attention within that time then the consumer becomes disengaged.

3. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) are powered by content discovery apps such as Pulse, Flipboard, Fancy and Foodspotting. Content producers and merchants provide the feeds, and consumers tweak them to suit their interests, filtering data and making personalized information platforms.

These models can help brands become relevant to consumers and provide the next great opportunities for marketers. For instance, Pinterest has received rave reviews from consumers and marketers alike, and has showed how much people like to control their own public profiles.

4. Advertise by Format

Everyone is excited about the potential in mobile technologies, and tablets present appealing platforms for consumer engagement. If you’ve decided to advertise on mobile apps, what are you going to do with the user after you get him or her to tap? Will you use the platform to its full potential? Or will you roll out the same old display strategy you’ve been using online, praying that users will choose to interact with your ad?

5. Integrated Marketing

Being relevant to your customer in every context improves brand recall and enhances engagement.  The most important thing is to understand is that it a consumers market.

Research shows that 72% of consumers want to be engaged with an integrated marketing approach, but only 39% are receiving that. Google found that consumers had 74% brand recall when the advertiser’s integrated strategy carried across mobile, TV and online.

Today’s profound advancement in tech and media is changing how we interact with and filter our world. Smart marketers can succeed by engaging with the trends that are resonating most with the emerging consumer of today.

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