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One Year Snapshot: Emma Loftus

June 14th, 2017

Information security threats don’t discriminate. Just last month, the Google Docs phishing and WannaCry ransomware attacks crippled users and healthcare systems around the world. Finding the people who predict, detect, and resolve these security threats are in high demand.  And Emma Loftus, our information security Technical Recruiter is on the front lines; she finds talented security experts for  clients that include new startups to Fortune 500 organizations.

In her first year at Talener, Emma has tackled the challenge of learning about information security and DevOps in order to secure the right talent for her clients.  Her path has lead her to tackle the New York City security market head-on.  Emma’s experience has been tailored to her  strengths as a Technical Recruiter.

We sat down with Emma to get some perspective about her time at Talener, as well as her take on adapting from college to the “working” world.

Before you joined Talener, did you know what tech staffing was?

Before I started working at Talener, I had a very basic knowledge of staffing. I was sold on the culture and the opportunities for growth that came with working in this industry.

What was the most difficult part about making the transition from college to work?

This was my first “real” job – I started a month after graduation. I found it hard to transition to a fixed schedule and not having as many breaks throughout the day.  I was always someone who had spread my classes out in order to avoid early classes.  The early start takes some getting used to!

What kind of advice do you have for someone starting their career in staffing or a sales-oriented role?

Don’t let the small things get you down. In staffing, there is always another candidate or account that is out there just waiting to be picked up.  Move forward and upward.

What kind if advice do you have for someone starting their career in any position?

By your senior year of college, you feel like you have it all figured out. But then, you jump into the workforce at the bottom of the pile again.  Don’t let it get you down.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or worry that you don’t know all of the answers. Look to your mentors and work hard. You can learn so much, so quickly.

You have been at Talener for one year. What motivates you to recruit for positions every day?

One of the things that I love about working here is how much control I have over impacting what is going on with my own desk. If I’m not happy with how things are going, I can go out and change it quickly.

Your path led you to become a Technical Recruiter for Information Security. What do you find most challenging about the position?

Sometimes it seems like nothing is going your way – a job is filled by another agency, a candidate rejects an offer, etc.; but you just have to remember that good work is never a waste – it will come back to you!

What do you like the most?

I have control over my own success. I can pick up my own accounts and make things happen. There are many great leaders in this space who are always willing to give advice and help you reach your goals.

We’re curious – what was your dream job as a kid? Certainly not a technical recruiter?

I wanted to be a marine biologist — I loved dolphins and sea turtles.

And what was your college major?

I attended Colgate and studied English literature.

If you won $1 million and had to spend it on one single thing, what would you buy?

I would buy a cabin on a lake in the woods. I love NYC, but sometimes you need to get out of here!

And lastly, what emoji best describes your personality?

The smiley face that waves.


For more information about how you can define your path in tech staffing & recruiting, contact our Corporate Recruiter, Taylor Rockower. We are looking for talented graduates who have a passion for forming relationships and finding a purpose in their career.

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Talener raises over $10k for Cycle for Survival

March 14th, 2017

Continuing the tradition of charitable giving through teamwork, Talener New York took part in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Cycle for Survival at Equinox Bryant Park this past weekend.  The 18-person team took to the bikes, having raised over $5,000 towards research to battle rare cancers.  All proceeds are used for research efforts within 6 months of the Cycle for Survival event, offering an immediate impact on the lives of rare cancer patients and their families. Friday’s event hosted almost 50 participating teams, bringing the total fundraising to over $33 million for 2017.

New York team leader, and one of Talener’s Directors, Kim Siembieda, reflects on her participation in the event:

“Cycle for Survival is an incredibly inspiring event.  It is emotional and powerful to hear firsthand stories from Memorial Sloan doctors and rare cancer survivors.  Over the past 4 years I have been participating in Cycle for Survival, it is still so motivating to see so many people come together and rally behind such a great cause.  To see the event grow over the years, in terms of participants, money raised and locations across the country, gives so much hope to the battle.”

Amongst four Talener offices, we have raised more than $10,000 for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  Donation pages are still open until April 1, 2017.  If you would like to donate to the cause, please click here.  On behalf of all Talener offices, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and support.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

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Talener San Francisco- Spotlight: Kelsie Korn

March 24th, 2015

Kkorn What is staffing really like? We asked Kelsie, from our San Francisco office, to give us her insight about sales & recruiting.

What did you think of “staffing” before working at Talener?  — I was familiar with staffing because my parents used to own their own staffing agency for 15 years. I used to hear a LOT of phone conversations, but I had no idea what they were actually doing. Now I think I sound just like my mom.

What did you think of “sales” before working here? — I was terrified of sales. To be honest, I didn’t realize that recruiting (which I had even witnessed my parents doing when I was growing up) was the same thing as sales. I started at Talener and they had told me this was a sales job. I had no idea what I was doing, but I dove in! I never wanted a “sales” job, but I’m really enjoying this.

What do  you think of staffing now? — It’s way more relationship-based than I thought. This job gets easier as you talk with, meet, and in some way connect with people. As long as you’re putting yourself out there and meeting new people every week, you will find new clients and new candidates– matching them is up to you and your organization.

After doing this for a while, what do you think of sales? — Same as staffing,  it’s highly dependent on relationships you have. It’s definitely high-energy and can be stressful, but again, as long as you’re engaging people, whether it be over the phone or in person, you will prosper. We all have bad sales months, but those can teach you lessons that apply to life outside of work as well. For example, I’ve learned that it’s not about your attitude when you’re doing well – it’s how you behave when you’re not doing well that sets you apart.

Has working here changed your opinion about the bad rep that sales & staffing gets? — Yes, one of the best things about working here is that I always have help.  The managers are tuned in and helping us one-on-one all day, so you never feel lost.  The company is full of people that I look up to – the management is really impressive. Plus, everyone at Talener starts in the same position and moves up from there; so they understand all of the different scenarios you could be going through as a junior employee.

Kelsie is a Lead Relationship Manager in our San Francisco office.  She is an expert in placing candidates in the front end space and has extensive knowledge of the current market.  Looking for a front end position in the Bay area or have a position that you need to fill? Contact Kelsie,, to get her expert opinion about market conditions, upcoming hiring trends, or to find out more about staffing.

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Make Your Bed Every Day: Life Lessons from a Navy SEAL

May 27th, 2014

Navy SEAL Life LessonsGraduation season is in full-swing and around the nation commencement speakers are offering words of wisdom to students embarking on the next step of their life journey. U.S. Navy admiral and University of Texas, Austin, alumnus William H. McRaven returned to his alma mater with a powerful speech that will resonate with everyone – from graduating college seniors to seasoned professionals who have been in the workforce for decades.

Among McRaven’s advice are the following life lessons learned during the grueling six-months of basic training:

Start the day right by making your bed. The small chore will kick off a day of tasks and will help things in perspective as a reminder that the little details matter in life.

If you want to change the world get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward. Those in boot camp who didn’t pass uniform inspection (which is everyone at some point) are required to trudge through water fully-clothed and roll around in the sand until they are a fully-covered “sugar cookie.” While many complain about the seemingly-meaningless task – those who understand the practice in patience and fortitude make it through to the entire training period.

Sing when you’re up to your neck in mud. Even the most oppressive task can be lightened when a team member rises to the occasion and tries to motivate the team (through song or any other motivational advice).

Check out the full video of McRaven’s speech below or read the full transcript on Business Insider.

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Talener Bowls Across America!

March 5th, 2014

Take a look at some pictures below from our offices’ recent bowling nights!


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