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From Clients

Vice President of Engineering – Top Online News Platform

Across two of my companies, Alex has always delivered high-quality developer candidates from ranging disciplines. He has tremendous energy and follow-through which is greatly appreciated since I am often too busy to handle a lot of the particulars when it comes to recruiting. If you are clear with who you want, Alex will instantly have a lineup of resumes and in-person interviews scheduled. If things go well, he runs with the ball until all of the paperwork is completed and your team is one developer stronger. If things go poorly, he lines up another set of good candidates shortly after. When changes happen (in budgeting, job description, etc), he takes them in stride and works towards a solution. All in all, working with Alex is a turn-key process and it allows me to focus on the actual work me and my team are charged with

Chief Technology Officer – Media Company

Chris is a rare shining star in the recruiter world. He’s straight to the point and absolutely focused on quality, and I hired several candidates through Chris while at at my old position, all some of the best talent I’ve had the privilege to work with. I wish I could work with him here in Atlanta! Chris is professional, ethical, and was very respected by technical management at Discovery. Knows the lingo and never had an issue with adjusting the types of suggested candidates as our needs fluctuated.

Chief Technology Officer – News and Entertainment Company

I worked with Chris while building the tech team at our media company. Chris was consistent and reliable. He demonstrated genuine effort in working with me to find candidates that fit my requirements – he wasn’t just forwarding resumes to me. The staff that accepted my offers of employment have turned out to be great assets to our team.

Chris was also pleasant to work with. His pacing was excellent and he gave me space to carefully consideration my options. I would gladly work with Chris again.

VP Technology Development – Top Marketing Firm

Alicia has always been an impressive person to work with. No matter what time of day, I can always get a hold of her. Alicia has a remarkable ability to control difficult conversation and negotiate in a positive outcome. I have been lucky to have worked with her on both ends of the recruiting spectrum. I was first placed by her then, when I landed a position as VP Tech, I have worked with Alicia placing new developers on my team. I will not work with another recruiter.

Director of Professional Services – Market Research Software Company

Tobias did the impossible! After our internal recruiting efforts failed during a trip to San Francisco, I thought my trip was wasted. I gave Tobias 24 hours to produce candidates and he delivered. We hired a candidate and saved me an additional trip back to San Fran. Excellent work!

Senior Technical Manager – Prominent Online Business Publication

I have relied on Henry and his team’s recruitment expertise for several years now. Henry understands the market and the individual’s professional needs better than most other recruitment agencies. Over time, Henry reliably helped to screen, handpick and prepare the right candidates for my open positions, which saved me a lot of time in the process. I recommend Henry to any organization that is looking to hire sharp technology professionals, full time or on consulting basis.

From Placed Candidates

Senior Software Engineer

Austin helped me land a great job at an awesome company, he is by far the best recruiter I’ve worked with and is really a unicorn in this industry. I’d recommend any Software Engineer that is looking for a new job, to work with Austin and his team. He is extremely professional. Starting from our initial conversation on the phone he understood precisely what I’m looking for in my next role and immediately lined up several interviews with companies and positions that were great interest to me. Thanks to Austin I didn’t need to waste my time anymore, and I could just focus on doing my best at interviews

Junior Web Developer

After months of job hunting, interviews, and filling out applications, I finally gave in to using tech recruiters to help me find a job. It was eye-opening to experience such a wide gamut of recruiting firms and how they went about treating you as a client, but Talener was the first where I didn’t feel like a piece of machinery at auction.

They were fantastic from start to finish and found me a position I happily accepted within days. Had I known it would have been this easy, I would have gone with them from the start. I’ve recommended them to other job hunters.

Worth mentioning is that their staff, especially Margo, was on top of their stuff. The majority of recruiters seemed to be blundering their way through shoving me into spots, but I always felt like my recruiters at Talener knew what they were doing. I hope they continue to do well.

Senior Software Engineer

I recently worked with Kim and the rest of the Talener team in my search for a software engineering position. Right from the start, it was clear she was interested in finding the right job for me — she listened carefully to what I was looking for and then went out and found me a great job!

Not only did she schedule several interviews, she also gave me pointers on how to market myself and what to expect from each interview. She did a fantastic job at keeping me informed and updated throughout the entire process.

I would not hesitate to ask Kim to represent me again in a job search, though I don’t expect that to happen any time soon — I know I’ll be very happy at the job she just placed me at!

Front End/UI Engineer

I’ve been distrustful of recruiters in the past, but Alicia changed my mind completely. She knows the tech industry, and front end in particular, so she actually understood what I was looking for and was able to get me interviews with companies that TRULY meet my requirements. In ten days, she placed me at a company with an awesome team, and my dream tech stack.

Senior Software Engineer

I had the pleasure to work with Kim pursuing opportunities in the software development industry, particularly regarding LAMP and Open Source opportunities. It was the first time I had worked with a Group Manager/Lead Recruiter that had presented me with multiple opportunities to consider that were delivered from her and her direct reports.

Kim is a thorough professional who is enthusiastic about her industry and she has a great work ethic. These qualities are readily apparent from the other members of her team. There is no doubt for me, that her team members are following her lead. Working with Kim was seamless and I never felt any pressure to choose one opportunity over the other. She took her time to patiently listen to my feedback and also advised me on opportunities that would be well suited for me.

As the result of our combined efforts, I accepted an opportunity she presented that I am very happy with. I would like to thank her and all the members of her team for the amazing work they did for me!

Senior .Net Developer

Henry and his crew at Talener are a team of very efficient, talented, friendly, caring and happy people. Henry is a great listener and he tries to find a job for you based on your expectations and priorities. He will not force you to take quick decisions but actually makes sure that you are completely happy and ready to take the right decisions before accepting an offer. I am very happy to find Talener and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Once you visit their office you will notice the difference between Talener and any other consulting firm.

From Internal Employees

Kim Siembieda – Talener Manager

The young and energetic environment made the transition from college-life to “the real world” very comfortable.  This is my first job and Talener has helped streamline me into a working professional.  Talener’s model-centric approach puts a lot of emphasis on a team-based recruiting and hands-on training.  Especially as a novice professional, Talener’s atmosphere really fosters a mentality of growth.  Being around others with similar goals that are motivated to excel in combination with the framework that Talener instills allows young professionals to create their own, successful, career paths.

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