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Setting up for Success: Josh shares his goals upon starting at Talener NY

February 27th, 2020

Setting goals and expectations for yourself at a new job can help set you up for success from day one. Josh Nigro, Talener New York’s newest team member, sat down with us to talk about how he visualizes his goals and how he intends to be successful in a Relationship Manager seat.

Coming into your new role at Talener, what are some goals you’ve set for yourself?

I want to hit the ground running in order to help as many candidates as I can. It’s important to me to sharpen my tech knowledge so I can fully contribute to conversations with candidates about their experience and future career goals.  I am committed to building my career in a Relationship Manager seat in order to move into a Senior Relationship Manager role and then run my own team as a Group Manager.

What skills are you looking to sharpen, learn, and expand upon?

I’m looking to sharpen my entry points on phone calls and emails. By doing this, I can build relationships and trust with my candidates – helping to set them up for success in the best possible job for them.  It’s important for me to learn how to screen candidates for their ideal job and approach interviews prepared with the right questions. Learning these skills sets me up for expanding upon finding my own clients and focusing on business development.

What will be challenging for you?

I think that learning how to deal with uncomfortable situations will be a big challenge for me. Nobody likes to be uncomfortable, but I think that diving into these difficult situations prepares me for the good and the bad.  It’s hard to tell someone that an interview didn’t go well or that they didn’t’ get the job; but being upfront means I am being honest about their career – something that is a vital part of their life.  Additionally, these situations prepare me to have similar conversations down the line – both personally and professionally.

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

I’m really looking forward to connecting with the candidates. I want them to land the role that they’ve been looking for and I want to build a relationship with them at the same time. I strive to be their source of knowledge as well as a source for their friends and co-workers who are looking to make a change in their careers.  I am looking forward to building trust.

What drew you to Talener?

The interview process was direct and detailed. I knew the expectations coming into the job.  The environment and the people were open with me – explaining how I can create success for myself, the team, and the company.  Everyone took time to learn about me and show me how I can apply my knowledge to the position.  I also appreciated the openness in the workspace. Everyone sits in an open work environment where we can collaborate as a team.

Tell us about yourself

Since childhood, my passion has been baseball. Competing at a high level was a great way for me to learn leadership skills, work with a team, and appreciate the sacrifice for the betterment of the team.

I always wanted to be a successful baseball player, but my dream shifted as I got older and I set my sights on wanting to be a General Manager for a club.

Rapid Fire Favorites: Book, Song & Movie

  • Lord of the Flies – it’s a roller coaster of emotions. Children are creating an entire society, testing their moral values.  It’s a good theme to discuss and even apply in the workplace.
  • Your Love, by the Outfield
  • Wedding Crashers

The Talener NY Team is looking forward to the enthusiasm that Josh brings to the team. His experience and his desire to set and meet goals is infectious!  We can’t wait to see the great things that Josh will do for the Open Source community in New York.

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