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Talener Welcomes San Francisco Director, Michelle Byrd

September 23rd, 2019

September 23, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Talener is excited to announce the hiring of Michelle Byrd as the Director of the Talener San Francisco office.  Michelle joins Talener with an array of experience that positions her to cultivate strong relationships among team members, candidates, and clients. 

Michelle brings significant technology staffing experience to the team. Prior to joining Talener, she was the Senior National Accounts Manager for Kaiser Permanente at Artech in California, the Branch Manager for the California IT/ Engineering practice at Yoh, and the Division Director at Robert Half in New York.  Her bi-coastal experience nurturing business relationships and successfully staffing for large national accounts will be an asset to the Talener team.

“It has been an extensive search and I want to thank everyone who was involved along the way.  Michelle really knocked it out of the park. We are all very excited to have her take our office to the next level.  She has a great work ethic and an electric personality that will draw the technology community to her and to Talener”, says Talener CEO Mike Dsupin.

Michelle is looking forward to bringing new energy to San Francisco as well. “Having had the ability and opportunity to work on all sides of the business, I’ve always felt it boded well for me. I’m really looking forward to helping lead the team to exceed their goals. Loving what you do makes it easier to come to work every day. I’m excited to be working for people who know the business and have integrity doing it; learning as much as I can along the way.”

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6 Reasons Your Job Offer Was Rejected

September 18th, 2019

After four rounds of interviews, exchanged emails, and the OK from HR, you’re ready to make the hire. You send over the job offer and wait for them to accept.  But instead, you get a polite rejection; ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’  

Where did it fall apart? Were there warning signs? In many industries, competition for talent is tight and candidates have more opportunities than ever.  It’s easy to blame a better last-minute opportunity or a fickle personality –but what if the reason they didn’t take the job was because of your hiring process?

The competition worked faster.  You may have gotten the offer letter out first, but did you create a sense of urgency with your new hire? Did you schedule interviews quickly, avoiding lag time where the candidate might question how enthusiastic you are about them? If there was no way to shorten the process, did you ensure that the applicant knew next steps and provide timeline expectations? Chances are, if they are as good as you think they are, other companies will feel the same way and act quickly.

Compensation & benefits were unclear.Compensation and benefits are a sensitive subject, but at some point in the process, applicants must weigh factors beyond the base salary. Being upfront about benefits might save you and the candidate from any confusion when the offer rolls around.  While your benefits may be comprehensive, if, the cost of your health insurance premium is significantly more expensive than what they are currently paying – the salary increase, or ancillary benefits may not matter in the long run.

You didn’t showcase your working environment. If your candidates are whisked from reception to a conference room and back again, they can only imagine what they will encounter as an employee. From décor to seating arrangements, more than one-third of their day will be spent with co-workers in that space. Showcasing the day-to-day, allowing them to take in the buzz, and get the lay of the land goes a long way in getting them to imagine themselves physically and mentally in the space.

Your offer is one-size fits all. Sometimes, bureaucracy gets in the way.  There are strict salary caps or non-negotiable vacation policies.  But a little creativity and flexibility go a long way.  Decipher their motivations and offer solutions or benefits that seal the deal. Flexible hours, work-from-home opportunities, or extended lunches to get in a gym session can tip the scale in your favor.

They took a deep dive into your company culture. Entertaining multiple interviews or offers affords candidates the ability to take a closer look at your company – online and offline. As they move forward in the interview process, reviews and feedback on Yelp, Glassdoor, or social media influence final acceptance decisions.

They feel rushed.   You can’t wait around forever – but you can give candidates a few days to mull over an offer.  It’s unfair to make a candidate run the interview gauntlet for weeks or months; only to pressure them to accept the offer immediately.

If you are looking to streamline your hiring process, please contact Talener for advice and guidance about creating a more candidate-friendly, efficient system.

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