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Laravel Winter Showcase at Talener New York

January 26th, 2017

What’s the best way to kick off the New Year at the new HQ? A great meetup, of course!  Talener New York welcomed the Laravel Meetup winter showcase last week.  This is the first group that visited our new office space at 2 Grand Central Tower, next to Grand Central Station.

Talener looks for ways to get involved in the tech community.  The Laravel meetup gave us the chance to meet members of the community and learn more about Laravel through two excellent presenters – Ilan Gitter & Christophe Tumminello.

Ilan engaged the crowd with his spot-on Game of Thrones references that were relevant to Laravel & Vue.Js as a toolbox. Plus, he talked specifically about handling sensitive data across the wire.  His experience as a Full Stack Developer, Musician & current Front End Developer at OmniMedia mean that he brought a unique perspective to his craft.

Likewise, Christopher Tumminello, former Lead Engineer at VICE Media, and current Senior Consultant at EY Digital, enlightened the crowd about his take on Laravel.  He discussed utilizing Laravel as a prototyping toolkit. It offers a clean slate to create innovative forward thinking features & applications in a quick and powerful way.

The Meetup provides the community with the ability to learn, teach, and connect with other Laravel enthusiasts.  Three dozen people met, enjoyed the evening, and gained some valuable insight about technology that is perpetually changing how we do things.

We’d like to thank Arron Kallenberg, the Laravel Meetup organizer for his dedication to the event and to the Laravel community.  His passion for his craft and desire help others to learn is unparalleled.

If you’re interested in learning more about Talener, the Laravel community, or have questions about the current hiring market in tech, please feel free to reach out to us.  If you are interested in other technologies beyond Laravel, specialized teams are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Talener is always looking to engage with the community and provide insight about tech & hiring.

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Talener Hires Head of Training & Strategic Partnerships

January 20th, 2017

It is with great pride that we welcome back Tiffany Roesler to Talener.  She joins the Talener HQ team in New York as the Head of Training & Strategic Partnerships.  Tiffany started with us as an entry-level Relationship Manager role in 2010 and worked her way up to becoming the 1st Female Director at Talener. From there, she developed her entrepreneurial spirit at her own company, continually striving to create a better IT community through innovation.  The expertise she gained outside of Talener provides her with thoughtful perspective and unparalleled experience in staffing & technology. We are delighted to have her back, as she will undertake the implementation of Talener’s new e-learning platform for new recruiters continual development. Likewise, she will nurture strategic partnerships to create thoughtfully-curated meetups and round tables enriching our communities in helping organizations and leaders progress.

“Tiffany has done a wonderful job growing brands and she has a deep passion for training and mentoring others.  She is an incredible woman with an amazing story who is coming back to Talener at a critical time as we are evolving our training process,” comment CEO Michael Dsupin. “I couldn’t think of anyone better to pair with Simona House, our Training Manager, to deliver this next version of our training curriculum and help us to continue to grow Talener.  I am so excited to work closely with her again!  I believe that Tiffany will help us innovate and help take Talener to the next level.”

As a veteran of Talener, Tiffany joins us with a core understanding of the business as well as outside experience that she can share with us.  “I’m so proud to rejoin my original mentors and mates– coming back felt surreal at first.” She adds, “The culture is so welcoming, ambitious, vibrant and contagious. In joining forces with Talener, I’m afforded the opportunity to share my passion in helping others in their pursuit, further my own development, and connect vision & action to make a wide-ranging impact.”

Everyone at Talener looks forward to the opportunity to work with Tiffany as she helps us move forward to our ultimate goal of being the best IT staffing agency in the business.


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