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“Sales” is Scary…Until it Isn’t

February 24th, 2015

Bad Sales Man & Chart [Converted]It’s almost that time of year again. Unfortunately, I don’t mean spring. Even though we are battling snow and ice here in New York City, the days are starting to get longer and before you know it we’ll be at graduation season. Graduates are putting in their resumes, hoping to secure a position by the time they walk across the stage, diploma in hand. In the staffing industry, we are seeing potential internal candidates taking the time to apply to multiple positions and take the best fit, rather than taking anything that crosses their path. Unlike the past few years, 2015 graduates may have job choices.

For some, there is a road laid out for additional school or volunteering abroad. But for many others who may have graduated without a clear path in mind, finding a position that can turn into a career can be hard. While scrolling through the pages of some of the biggest career sites, I found myself cringing at all of the all caps “ENTRY LEVEL, PAID TRAINING, NO EXPERIENCE, EARN $120K RIGHT OUT OF COLLEGE”, positions that are listed over and over again. It gives great sales positions a bad name.

It makes me think about our own sales people and what they must have thought when joining a sales team. Because, in the end, staffing is sales; and if anyone says differently, then they’re doing it wrong. Staffing is about selling your search services to your client and then turning around and selling the position to a qualified candidate. There is a lot of relationship building, trust, and understanding in between. And, at the end of the day, you do help someone with their career.

If the “ENTRY LEVEL EARN UP TO $120K” positions sound too good to be true, they probably are. Free training? Well…I would hope so. Training should be part of a company’s desire to have the best staff in the industry. There are buzzwords to make graduates feel like they can snap up six figures without lifting a finger. From cold calls to intense competition, unreasonable quotas, to surviving solely on commission; I can understand the “scary” part.

When I look around the Talener Manhattan office, I don’t see that. I won’t deny that it is a sales environment. We sell our services; the drive to make money lives in every single one of our recruiters. But there is more. It is energetic, exciting, with intense team comradery, and a drive to match the right candidate with the right client.   What it isn’t…is scary.

There are days where every client called will be a “no” or your star candidate will take a different job that you knew nothing about, but that is part of the intensity of sales. We hire recent graduates to instill sales best practices. A good entry level sales environment does more than provide a competitive base salary and benefits—it provides training, support, help, and guidance. Everyone inherently needs this when they start their sales career.

As Sir Richard Branson said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

If you are interested in a job with Talener and you are a recent graduate (or have a few years of experience!), please get in contact with us. Taylor Rockower, our internal recruiter, is searching for leaders to join our teams in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco & Los Angeles. Contact her today at or apply directly here.

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