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ANNOUNCING: Boston's Newest Team!

March 27th, 2013

Talener Boston announces the launching of our latest recruiting team! Talener Boston launched its office in June of 2012 and with the outstanding work of our management staff is launching its newest recruiting team.


This will be the third recruiting team in Boston for Talener and will focus exclusively on Front-End Web Development and Mobile Development. Key skills will include JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, iOS and Android Development. Our team will lead by Ben Hayes; Ben is a Talener veteran starting his career in our San Francisco office and a key member of Boston’s initial launch this past June. Ben will be joined by Laura Goldberg and latest class of Talener hires.


Please reach out if you are seeking a new opportunity or hiring in the Boston market for UI and Mobile resources. We look forward to hearing from you.


Please contact Ben Hayes 617-651-8073

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Stripe: Charging the way for Mobile App Payments

March 27th, 2013

By Dani Abaya

In my third week of business development calls, I looked to the Ignition Mobile conference website for source material. One of the companies featured at Ignition, Stripe, centers around the growing trend of ecommerce and mobile payments. PayPal is one of their investors. Stripe offers easily installed payments service integrated into applications, making it easier for developers to enable online credit card transactions. CEO Patrick Collison spoke at the conference about how Stripe has become the go-to payments solution. Stripe is a business at the forefront of several trends in the tech world. It’s all about the shift towards mobile as well as moving online business forward. LinkedIn mobile traffic in the past two years has jumped from 8 to 27 percent. In terms of mobile payment as a way of making purchases, there is room for growth. But companies like McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts are moving towards a customer ordering experience via smart phone. McDonald’s patrons can order fries on their phone and pay with PayPal. Google has Google Wallet and Apple’s mobile commerce can be seen with Passport.

Startups like SideCar, Postmates and Lyft are a few of the companies enabling payments using Stripe. They can use its API to very efficiently integrate check out systems. What may seem like simple transactions to the consumer, accepting payments is a huge piece of functionality that’s tedious and complicated. Stripe solves this problem by making the process easier for developers to implement. Mobile-app developers can use this service and make it easy to take payments because it avoids the need for approval of a merchant account by a conventional provider as well as simplifies the process of adding the payments code to the application. Stripe is partnered with Parse, a company that offers a back-end-as-a-service. They provide tools to build mobile apps, specifically on the back-end. These companies solve the problems that developers face, in order for them to build applications and programs that solve business problems.

Mobile is growing, and mobile commerce and the ability to monetize applications are affecting the way consumers interact with products and services every day.

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Telecommuting in Trouble?

March 27th, 2013

By: Pete Abernethy

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been the focus of a huge debate because of her decision to deny employees the option to work from home. Starting this new role in July, Mayer was brought into essentially re-invent Yahoo, a move that is considered an effort to bring back the collaborative nature of the office space. For obvious reasons, she has faced criticism from a number of angles.

Stay-at-home parents are coming out in full force, defending their right to be at home with their kids while still getting their work done. There is an ongoing debate about the productivity of remote workers, which has been heightened with the recent spotlight on Yahoo.

While there has been little commentary from Yahoo on the issue, they did issue a statement saying that this move is not necessarily a view of telecommuting in general, but something that is an important move for the company at this point.

To that end, Mayer’s reasoning behind this drastic move has to do mostly with the thought of collaboration in the workplace. An energetic and upbeat workplace with people working together is always a much more conducive atmosphere to innovative thinking. She believes that the kind of thinking and creativity needed to put Yahoo back on the map can only be found through bringing the employees into work every day.

In the end, it comes down to an effort to stir things up to bring Yahoo back into the forefront of technology, which despite differing opinions on the issue, seems to be a necessary measure at this point. I can understand the qualms that the remote workers have with this change, but Yahoo needs to change its course if it is going to keep up with the times.

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New York techies rush to Austin for SXSW interactive

March 25th, 2013

 From March 8th to March 17th the New York tech community convened in Austin, Texas to celebrate South by Southwest.  SXSW is a set of film, technology and music festivals which first started in the mid 80’s.  Most recently, SXSW interactive has become a testing ground for New York start-ups eager to interact with influential early adopters.  Tech entrepreneurs use the forum to network, recruit and pitch investors from across the country.   In 2009, Foursquare used SXSW as its platform to launch from and two years before that Twitter gained a lot of buzz at the event and eventually became the media mainstay it is today. 

Scott Carleton used SXSW to pitch his new start up, Artsicle, as the “Netflix of fine art”.  Carleton, a former nuclear engineer, had the idea of Artsicle when his girlfriend wasn’t able to buy a painting from a SoHo gallery due to multiple restrictions.  Artsicle allows subscribers to rent work from the site’s portfolio for $50 a month.  If they like a certain piece of art than they can keep it for the purchase price or swap it out next month. 

Another New York company that made moves in Austin included SecondMarket which is a financial services company that handled $10 Billion in transactions last year.  SecondMarket’s executives used the event to show off the new private-stock sales platform, which connects deep-pocketed buyers with equity holders.  Austin has seen its fair share of consumer web companies from New York launch there.  Imup 4 (a planning tool for group outings),  Dealery (daily-deals aggregator), and Pixable (Facebook photo sharing) have all used SXSW as its launching pad.

I love Austin.  I went to Houston for a wedding a couple years ago and made a point of making a detour to Texas’ capital.  It is a very unique city and recently has become a breeding ground for startups due to its low cost of living.  My friend actually launched a start up there called, check it out!   

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New York's First Consultant Appreciation Night

March 25th, 2013

On March 21, 2013, Talener hosted our first Consultant Appreciation Night. Hosted in our New York office, Talener Employee’s mingled with our Consultants while enjoying refreshments and pizza. It was great to reconnect with everyone who attended and to see how their assignments and lives are going. We look forward to doing this again later this year. Thank you to all who attended.

 CAN Collage

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