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Business Insider, Ignition 2012

November 30th, 2012

Business Insider, Ignition 2012

Congratulations to Business Insider for pulling off another brilliant conference.  It was filled with sharp content, speakers, panelists, interviews, topics and moderators.  A special shout out to some of the crew from Business Insider who have made it such a success each of the past 3 years: Henry Blodget, Julie Hanson, Nick Carlson, Alyson Shontel, Adren Pennell and Jay Yarow. 

 For those who couldn’t attend, here are links to the Interviews and Henry Blodget’s slides.

I spoke to our New York office today for a few hours, trying my best to summarize what I took away from the 2 days.  I will be much briefer here. 

 1) My Favorite Panel- The Future of Publishing, Don Graham, CEO & Chairman of Washington Post and Larry Kramer, Publisher, USA Today

 2) Most Meaningful Quote- Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Automate your life.”

 3) Most Evident Theme- Do something you love. 

 We are proud to be associated with such an amazing event, and proud to call Business Insider a customer. 

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Tech Dictionary – All those terms you're dying to understand. by LifeHacker

November 29th, 2012

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The Future of Linked In and the Next Generation Resume

November 21st, 2012

In the past couple of months, LinkedIn has made a couple of major changes to their pillar product, the LinkedIn Profile. As Talener employees, we use this on a continuous basis every day so any changes that they are making are critical for us to be aware of.

Since January 2009, LinkedIn has grown by about 150 million members and with the technology field moving so quickly, it also has to adjust. There are three main groups of people that use LinkedIn: people looking to connect, people looking for a job, and recruiters. So LI product managers wanted to add more data while simultaneously simplifying it to appease each group. You can now also cross-reference your details with connections; the more information that you share, the better job LinkedIn can do the job of matching you up with people you know or might want to know.

Adding more data onto the profile allows you to show your interest off to others, especially because their goal is to make the profile the “next generation resume.” They want to reach out to the younger generation because they feel like it is currently more of a professional social network for adults. By bridging the gap between what something like Facebook is and LinkedIn, they can expand LI to reach out to high school and college students to help utilize education.

For example, LinkedIn could suggest relevant courses to make sure you get noticed for a job that is posted if that information is on your profile as well as make it more comfortable for students to connect with professors.

However, LinkedIn might be facing some major competition, particularly with Facebook’s Social Jobs app. Right now it is in early stages but Zuckerberg has the ability to purchase an existing platform like Monster or even LinkedIn or can choose to build his own from scratch. But investors put more trust in LinkedIn’s stock then Facebook’s so LinkedIn shouldn’t be worried yet, especially with their very good interface creating a 56% share growth this year. 

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Mobile, Cloud and Information Services Revolutionizing Business

November 19th, 2012


It is getting closer to the end of 2012 and many technology executives are beginning to plan for 2013.  One of the largest Symposiums in the country takes place is in Florida, The Gartner ITxpo.Here, CIO’s and senior IT executives gather to speak about the latest solutions in the IT world. 



Defined as: The growing tendency for new information technology to emerge first in the consumer market and then spread into business and government organizations. The emergence of consumer markets as the primary driver of IT innovation and is seen as a major IT industry shift, as large business and government organizations dominated the early decades of computer usage and development.

Due to this shift in technology growth, mobile devices continue to be used for innovative ways to improve business performance. It is estimated that in 2013 mobile devices will take over PC’s as the most common web access device worldwide and by 2015, tablets are expected to over sell by 50% over laptops. One major effect of this is the prevalence of Windows operating system, The common work computer will continue to be slowly replaced by personal devices like cell phones and tablets. This brings more of a level playing field over Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. The consumerization is going to force companies to support multiple formats. Companies will no longer be able to force PC/windows dominance on employees. This will also cut costs for companies when it comes to purchasing equipment for IT purposes. This will be a slow process but is starting to be seen in corporate environments.

In the Cloud

The cloud was another hot topic for discussion at the ITxpo, Moving forward the cloud will be a highly utilized option. At first glance it is used to cut overall operating costs, increase accessibility of corporate information and ease of use by employees, with the large amounts of data being readily available on a cloud system the security of these clouds in imperative.

The cloud will continue to open doors for new innovation and opportunities for companies looking to stay ahead of the technology curve. It was predicted at the expo that the Cloud will eventually be the center of our digital lives, with its syncing functions making the device not as important as how it backs up the data.

Data Growth

The overall volume, velocity and complexity of data growth continues to increase. Companies are realizing the need to abandon the concept of a single enterprise data warehouse containing all information. IT departments are beginning to move towards the use of content management systems, data marts and specialized file systems. These are being tied together with data services and metadata; used to compile and analyze data.

The amount of readily available information is being put to use as well. Analytic and business intelligence software is being used for optimizing cost, performance and spending. Simulation is being brought to every area of enterprise, including day to day operations.

Technology continues to improve business operations with more innovation. With consumerization becoming more prevalent, the speed at which innovation occurs will continue to increase. So we will be on the lookout for new innovations and new technologies, as should you.

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Data supporting why clients use Talener Group to fill their Technology positions

November 16th, 2012

Here is data that we received  from a client that shows their results of their recent search for a few Technology Positions.  It compares the results from their Internal Recruiting Department, Internal Referrals and the 6 staffing agencies that they used to help try and fill their roles.  They looked at the following data points:

1) How many resumes were submitted

2) How many of those resumes were accepted for the role

3) How many 1st round phone interviews resulted in an on-sight interview

4) How many full interviews that resulted in an offer

5) How many offers that were accepted

Recruiting Data (Talener) (Open up the PDF to see the actual results)

We had the following numbers:

32 Submittals

27 1st round phone interviews from the 32 submittals (84% of the resumes submitted resulted in a Phone Interview)

7 of those 27 phone interviews were asked in for a Face to Face interview (26% of our candidates passed the phone screen)

4 of the 7  candidates brought into the client for their thorough interview were presented with offers (57% accepted by client)

4 candidates were presented with offers and that resulted in 2 Placements (50% acceptance rate)

There is a lot to analyze here:

1) Submittals: You’ll see that we had the most submittals to the job.  Our teams are highly specialized and we ONLY service our local clients in the New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco areas.

2) Our Submittal to Phone Screen turn rate was 84%.  We have created a number of proprietary tools and a series of checks and balances to ensure that our teams understand our clients’ needs.  The other agency that presented a decent # of submittals, 26, their submittal to interviewed rate was only 38%.

3) Of the 27 Candidates that received a 1st round Phone Interview, 7 candidates were invited to the next step, roughly a 25% accepted rate.  Ideally this would be higher, but if we are presenting enough choices, we allow our clients the luxury of being picky.

4) Of the 7 candidates that completed the company’s internal interviewing process, 4 were presented with offers.  The result, 57% of our candidates to be interviewed got an offer!

5) 2 of those 4 offers were accepted.  The technology market is very competitive and top quality candidates are getting multiple offers, so it’s tough not to be happy with a 50% acceptance rate.

Bottom line, Talener Group continues to deliver unparalleled results for our Clients and our Candidates.  Come see for yourself!  If you are the Boston, New York City, Los Angeles or San Francisco area, drop in and meet us!

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