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Today in Talener History: September 27, 2010

September 27th, 2012

Christian Free joined Talener in our LA office.  As far as we are aware he’s the only Talener person who went to Harvard.

Christian now runs the MS team in San Francisco and is completely killing it there!

Thank you, Christian and here’s to another amazing couple of years!

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As a web/software engineer, what is the main reason you're hesitant to use a recruiter to find your next job?

September 21st, 2012

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September 20, 2010: Today in Talener History

September 20th, 2012

Today in Talener History, September 20th, 2010 we hired Kim Siembieda and Daniel Nooromid.  


Kim Siembieda, aka bOSton_Bieda, hails from the fighting city of Philadelphia.  She, like her idol Rocky Balboa, took a few shots in the face when she started, but has done an amazing job at Talener.  Kim recently moved to Boston and runs our Open-Source team.  She’s a die-hard Flyers fan and is often seen at the 7s on Charles Street.  


Daniel Nooromid, aka Tea Cup, moved up to New York from Atlanta, GA.  Dan is a lightning rod and it seems like he knows everyone in the state of Georgia.  Dan’s favorite song is, “Dynamite” and he loves seeing pictures of his boss, Rory Bebbington, being dragged around Long Island Sound on a tube.  Dan moved to LA almost a year ago.  He is a great leader, friend and mentor.  

Congratulations to both Kim and Daniel on an eventful first 2 years at Talener.   

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History of Recruiting, 1996-2012

September 18th, 2012

History of Recruiting 



  • Companies & Agencies posted Ads in newspapers
  • Resumes faxed to office
  • Application Development: PowerBuilder, Visual Basics, C, C++, Embedded Programming
  • Network Computers: Novell, Windows ’95, Users
  • Clients: Investment Banks, System Integrators, Law Firms, Publishing, Advertising


  • Online Job Boards: Monster Board, Online Career Center (Death to the Agency Recruiter)
  • Wide Area Network: Cisco Products
  • Start-Ups started to boom, .Com Boom
  • Software Development: Java, J2EE, JSP, ASP
  • Y2K Ramp-Up (Cobol)


  • Intranets, Start-Up Booming,,
  • Referral Bonus getting press
  • C#, XML, Web Services


  • .Com Burst
  • Immediate retreat to BIG COMPANIES
  • Niche Job Boards:


  • Dark Days
  • Hospital, Healthcare
  • 3 million total websites
  • Internet Users: 9.1% of world population, 95% used Internet Explorer
  • Job Aggregators: Simply Hired, The Ladders
  • Social Network: LinkedIn
  • Applicant Tracking Systems: SOX Compliance
  • “Bottom of the barrel”


  • Slow recovery, 30% growth, no Hockey Stick
  • Hedge Fund, Fixed Income Departments,
  • Employment Branding- self-Publishing, Transparency,


  • Entertainment- recession equals stay at home and watch TV, Content Online
  • Innovation and Recruiting Solutions, Taleo
  • Niche Job Boards: Glassdoor, Juju, Oodle (started in ’05 but really took off in’08)
  • Social Networks used for recruiting tactics: Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Publications, E-books
  • Start-Ups, Bubble Again?


  • Open Source Technology:  PHP, Ruby, Python, Drupal
  • iOS and Android app developers are born
  • Facebook Applications: Oodle
  • Video Resumes and Video Jobs
  • Contract/Temp Work
  • Jibe


  • Social Recruiting
  • UI/Mobile- more mobile devices than ever before
  • Facebook Applications: Glassdoor, Branchout, BeKnown
  • 555 million total websites
  • Internet usage: 33% of world population

history of recruiting





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Meet the Staff: Sarah Blum

September 13th, 2012

This month we are spotlighting Sarah Blum, the admin and all around getter of things done in our New York office.  Sarah is actually one of the most highly educated people here (with a master’s degree in directing) and she loves theater and people watching.  Here’s a little more about Sarah:

Sarah decided to join Talener because she thought her first interview here was the most interesting interview she’d ever been to.  Sarah said, “I felt like I could really make a home for myself here and that I would be welcomed. I also loved that there is always room for growth and new knowledge.”

One of the things she loves about her job is the fact that no matter how long she’s worked here there is always newness about what she does.  “I love that no day is the same as the one before it and that I’m always challenged,” she said.

Sarah is the person who helps chase down missing time sheets (if you are a consultant or manager, you have probably received and email from her at some point), she keeps the New York office humming, and she’s the first person you see when you walk into Talener New York, which makes her one of the faces of Talener.

Thank you, Sarah, for all your hard work!

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