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I have spent the past 3 days knee deep in the Aspen Institute for their annual conference, the Aspen Ideas Festival. This is my fifth time attending this conference and every year I thank my lucky stars for being able to. My mind is about to explode with knowledge and I am excited to share with you all that I have learned related to the technology industry!

On Sunday I listened to a fascinating conversation with Andrew McAfee Tech Journalist at and Eric Topol Professor of Genomics at Scripps Research Institute.  They discussed whether technology is making us healthier. They both agree that the advancement in technology will greatly help and improve our health.

They began discussing the influence of social media and how and when it is most effective. Not until something is at stake, like your health, can strangers influence each other. Their example was if you are trying to quit smoking you will listen to and may even influence others that are also trying to quit regardless if you have met each other.

There are many apps out there that can track your blood pressure. Data can be collected during times when one is angry or sleeping. They even mentioned a future app that when provided with your physiological data can alert you that you are having a heart attack! I think we can all agree that is one alert we would pay attention to!

Another discussion I sat in was with Alexis Madrigal Senior Editor at The Atlantic and James Powell Director of Gartner Invest discussed if all of this data we are now able to collect will make us healthier society. They explained that we can now submit all of our personal health data to our insurance providers in hopes of lowering insurance premiums. This could be ideal for the elderly if they are in good health.

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