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While San Francisco exists as the center of all things tech, and is ranked as the best city for startups in the United States, it definitely isn’t the only city with successful startups. New startups are setting up shop in cities all over the U.S., and they’re thriving.
The list below details the most popular cities for Startups. The folks over at VentureBeat made their list by analyzing the cities’ government programs, talent, tax breaks, cultural environments, and more.

Entering Startup

Without further ado:
1. San Francisco. It comes to no surprise that San Francisco sits at the top of this list. Offering a vibrant atmosphere where startups can thrive, San Fran ranks in at number 1. Also, many of the San Francisco based startups were founded by former Google employees (ie. Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest). San Francisco’s close proximity to the hub of venture capital firms also heightens the city’s appeal.

2. Los Angeles. The Los Angeles metro area features a corporate environment where startups thrive. The city is full of creative and innovative individuals, and currently is the home to almost 1300 startups. With 1500 investors, the Los Angeles startup scene will continue to grow in the future.

3. Denver. Like San Francisco, Denver is the home to numerous tech companies with household names. Denver’s low real estate costs, as well as the population’s high education levels, heighten the city’s appeal for new startups.

4. Washington, D.C. Our nation’s capital is full of driven and passionate individuals, making the environment a fertile home for startups. The city’s population seems to have the skills, talent, and initiative needed to create a thriving tech and startup environment.

5. New York, New York. There’s no better city to end this list than the home to the first Talener office, New York. When you combine the creativity of the west coast and the fast paced culture of the east coast, you have an obvious contender for one of the best American tech cities.

1. Austin. As a native Texan, I have to mention the number 1 runner up: Austin, Texas. Home to SXSW, the city’s startup scene continues to grow.


Written by: Shawn Segal



  • Emily Stein

    I am so proud of you, now and always.

  • Emily Stein

    I am so proud of you, now and always. Love you, Ami

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