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Land a Job at a Tech Meet Up?

March 3rd, 2015

Landing a Job at a Tech Meet Up? Some of the best talent can be found after hours, and recruiters are there looking for it.

FYour Future Career Name Tagrom hackathons to novice developer nights—meet ups have become a great outlet for coders, developers, programmers, and anyone else to gain experience. Whether you attend because a CTO of a Fortune 500 is speaking or you’re a brand new coder looking for support, these meet ups are a great outlet to learn! But, what you may not know, is that these meet ups are more than a social or learning experience; they could land you your next job.

As a staffing agency, part of our job is to find the best candidates for our clients. Luckily, at Talener, we like to go one step beyond that and meet all of our candidates in person. This way, the client and the candidate both get what they want. Tech meet ups are a great, informal way for recruiters to understand the current environment, what people are interested in, and how the future of IT is being shaped.

But beyond that— here is why we like people who attend or speak at meet ups:

  • After Hours: For those of you who are already working, meet ups show recruiters that you are constantly learning and improving yourself after hours. If you aren’t working—then you are proving how dedicated you are to bettering yourself and your future. Spending time away from your family or friends shows a lot of dedication to your craft.
  • Communication & Interaction: We hear over and over again that real-life (not behind a screen!) communication skills are needed in many of the positions in which we place candidates. Even many back end positions require clear communication between team members in the same office, or around the globe. Meet ups let us see how you help others– ask for it, talk about your skills, or interact with a group.
  • Constant Improvement: You are improving your skills after hours and making sure that you are up to date on the newest technologies. While companies may ask for knowledge in a specific technology, their expectation is that you are willing and able to learn additional skills. Some are even leery to hire those who are experts in one area, but can’t or won’t transfer their skills into a new technology.
  • Meeting in Person: Recruiters want to meet you in person! Often, we attend these events. Whether we are just observing in the background, or telling you how we can help you find your ideal job—we have the opportunity to interact with you and get to know you on a personal level. They are less formal, more fun, and less stressful than meeting someone for the first time in an office.

Be Prepared

So what can you do to prepare yourself in case a recruiter from Talener or another company approaches you at a Meet Up?

  • If you are actively searching for a job, carry an updated resume with you or have one readily available to send via email
  • Take a few moments to ask about what they are seeing in the job market for your particular technology. A good tech recruiter will know exactly what the environment looks like.
  • Ask for a business card and check out the company’s website if you aren’t comfortable with giving out your resume to just anyone
  • If you are passively looking for a position, consider giving out a business card instead of a resume
  • Ask them why they are attending this particular meet up. Do they have jobs that they need to fill? Have they had success before?

If you would like to host a meet up in our office space, speak at one of our events, or just have questions about the recruiting process, contact us! We are happy to provide you with career advice, tell you about the current hiring environment in the tech space, or help you find a new position! Our offices are located in some of the top cities in the country- NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Metro Washington DC & San Francisco.

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Keeping Up with the…Top Twitter Tech Accounts

March 3rd, 2015

Keeping up with the Top Twitter TechTwitter Bird_BlogMarch2015

Looking for a new JavaScript Job? Trying to stay up to date on the most current news or need an AngularJS tutorial before your next meet up? Following the right Twitter accounts can take you from A-Z, whether you are a novice coder looking for advice or a seasoned veteran searching for a senior level position. But how do you know who is worth following? We’ve compiled a (very non-exhaustive) list from some of our favorites and—of course you can always tweet us @TalenerHQ if you have questions about jobs, need career advice or just want to say hi! And, if you think that we’ve missed you as a top tech contributor—let us know so we can tweet out all of the great things you are doing for the tech world!

Tech News:

Tech Influencers:

  • @alexia (Alexia Tsotsis): Co-Editor at TechCrunch
  • @mgsiegler (MG Siegler): Partner at Google Ventures
  • @JasonFried (Jason Fried): Founder & CEO at Basecamp
  • @jank0 (Janko Roettgers): Senior Writer at Gigaom
  • @alexwilliams (Alex Williams): Founder of the New Stack
  • @KentBeck (Kent Beck): Programmer turned Twitter Sensation
  • @Cdixon (Chris Dixon): Programmer
  • @jack (Jack): Co-founder of Twitter, CEO Square
  • @StevenLevy (Steven Levy): Senior Writer, Wired


  • @Paul_Clifford (Paul Clifford): Software Entrepreneur
  • @defunkt (Chris Wanstrath): GitHub CEO & Co-Founder
  • @JResig (John Resig): Creator of jquery, JavaScript programmer
  • @Retomeier (Reto Meier): Head of Scalable Developer Advocacy at Google

Guides, Meet Ups & Learning:

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“Sales” is Scary…Until it Isn’t

February 24th, 2015

Bad Sales Man & Chart [Converted]It’s almost that time of year again. Unfortunately, I don’t mean spring. Even though we are battling snow and ice here in New York City, the days are starting to get longer and before you know it we’ll be at graduation season. Graduates are putting in their resumes, hoping to secure a position by the time they walk across the stage, diploma in hand. In the staffing industry, we are seeing potential internal candidates taking the time to apply to multiple positions and take the best fit, rather than taking anything that crosses their path. Unlike the past few years, 2015 graduates may have job choices.

For some, there is a road laid out for additional school or volunteering abroad. But for many others who may have graduated without a clear path in mind, finding a position that can turn into a career can be hard. While scrolling through the pages of some of the biggest career sites, I found myself cringing at all of the all caps “ENTRY LEVEL, PAID TRAINING, NO EXPERIENCE, EARN $120K RIGHT OUT OF COLLEGE”, positions that are listed over and over again. It gives great sales positions a bad name.

It makes me think about our own sales people and what they must have thought when joining a sales team. Because, in the end, staffing is sales; and if anyone says differently, then they’re doing it wrong. Staffing is about selling your search services to your client and then turning around and selling the position to a qualified candidate. There is a lot of relationship building, trust, and understanding in between. And, at the end of the day, you do help someone with their career.

If the “ENTRY LEVEL EARN UP TO $120K” positions sound too good to be true, they probably are. Free training? Well…I would hope so. Training should be part of a company’s desire to have the best staff in the industry. There are buzzwords to make graduates feel like they can snap up six figures without lifting a finger. From cold calls to intense competition, unreasonable quotas, to surviving solely on commission; I can understand the “scary” part.

When I look around the Talener Manhattan office, I don’t see that. I won’t deny that it is a sales environment. We sell our services; the drive to make money lives in every single one of our recruiters. But there is more. It is energetic, exciting, with intense team comradery, and a drive to match the right candidate with the right client.   What it isn’t…is scary.

There are days where every client called will be a “no” or your star candidate will take a different job that you knew nothing about, but that is part of the intensity of sales. We hire recent graduates to instill sales best practices. A good entry level sales environment does more than provide a competitive base salary and benefits—it provides training, support, help, and guidance. Everyone inherently needs this when they start their sales career.

As Sir Richard Branson said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

If you are interested in a job with Talener and you are a recent graduate (or have a few years of experience!), please get in contact with us. Marina Star, our star internal recruiter, is searching for leaders to join our teams in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco & Los Angeles. Contact her today at or apply directly here.

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Talener Washington DC: Open for Business!

January 6th, 2015

Talener is continuing to grow organically and is happy to announce that our Washington DC office has opened!   Thousands of tech jobs can be found through a simple search on LinkedIn or Indeed. These numbers back the tech expansion that has been talked about in Washington DC over the past few years.

The key is making the connection between these employers- (from start-ups to Fortune 500s) and top tech talent in the Washington DC metro area. Some of the finest talent comes from top universities like George Washington, American University, or Georgetown- all in the heart of our nation’s capital.

Tech start-ups have realized the potential of this market and have attempted to break out of Silicon Valley and across the country to the east coast. From Proudly Made in DC to the Washington Post- more and more tech and media outlets are highlighting the potential for rapid growth.

While the office space is new and the paint has barely dried- four of our veteran managers and directors have taken on the task of making Talener the tech staffing solution in Washington DC.

Meet the Team:

WashingtonDC_Meet the Team_PS

Justin Cottrell- Justin has moved up the ranks at Talener over the last five years, including his most recent position as Director of our New York City headquarters. His extensive knowledge of the software, Java, C# and QA markets make him an asset to the team and to any potential tech job seekers in the Metro DC area.

Chris Fanning- Chris has an exemplary background in placing Open Source technology candidates with some of the country’s top companies; all while running a successful team in New York City.

Margo Slaff- Margo’s personality, organization, and passion for the front end market have made her a valuable asset in New York. Moving to Washington DC gives her the opportunity to build out a successful team with as much passion as she has.

Kate Byrnes- As an expert in the software field- Kate has left a void in New York. The dedication to her clients and candidates is unparalleled. Her work ethic and desire to make the match between top tech talent and our clients is exemplary.

With several years of combined experience; Justin, Chris, Margo & Kate will take on the DC office in several different areas of technology, including:

Open Source Scripting, Front End & Mobile, Enterprise Software, Dev Ops, Project/ Product Management & Quality Assurance

From iOS to Drupal, JavaScript to the Cloud- our DC team can make the connection. Whether you are just starting the job search or hiring for that hard-to-find talent, Talener is your full service solution- recruiting, relationship building, market data, and placement.

Take a moment to contact the team to see how they can help you today.

Washington DC Metro:  1655 North Fort Myer Drive, Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22209

Phone:  703-592- 6000

Meet the Team

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The Future of Digital: Business Insider Ignition

December 3rd, 2014

20141202_114911“Don’t obsess on the competition, obsess on the customer.”- John Doerr

This week in New York City, Talener, along with companies like Pandora, Getty Images & Porsche, sponsored Business Insider’s Ignition Conference.  Leaps and bounds  are being made within the digital space- from ads to marketing, engineering to business development.  The question is, how do CEOs like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or Pandora’s Brian McAndrews anticipate these changes in order stay relevant in a digital world that changes pace faster than most of us change our socks?

While there was varied speculation about the future of smart watches, print newspapers, or Apple Pay- there was an overwhelming understanding that the future of digital is mobile.  Mobile devices have replaced TV, physical newspapers, and the way we consume social media.  For the first time ever, mobile usage, according to Flurry has overtaken TV consumption in Q3 of this year.  Why is this significant? Because platforms need to be responsive (and anticipate!) customers’ wants and needs.

If one theme came out of the conference that rang above all others, it is customer obsession. Every CEO, VP or industry leader that took the stage reiterated over and over again that at the end of the day, it is all about the customer. John Doerr put it best as many questions circled around the competitive digital space.

“Don’t obsess on the competition, obsess on the customer.”

So where does Talener fit into this digital media world?  Someone has to build these platforms,  ensure the best user experience, and secure this information.  While most of the audience was intent on hearing  about upcoming trends like digital healthcare, wearables, or marketing analytics, our Talener team is anticipating the tech needs for all of these future trends.  Who will build and encrypt the information for digital healthcare that complies with all security and HIPPA requirements?  Who will ensure that the development of the connected car with Pandora integration will provide the users with the best experience?  It is the coders, engineers, and technology project managers of the world.  Digital is much more than what we see as consumers; it is hundreds if not thousands of hours of  back end work.

If you have a few moments and would like to gain insight about how the world’s biggest players are constantly innovating and responding to the environment, check out the live Ignition conference feed or read about it here.  The future of digital doesn’t just concern media, marketing and advertising.  The backbone of all of these consumer wants and needs is the technology professionals of the world.

Do you have technology know-how and talent to prepare you for the future? If not, take a moment to contact us and see how we can provide you with the best solutions.  Our six offices – Los Angeles, New York , San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago and Boston are equipped to find you the best qualified candidates locally.  From mobile development to open source scripting, project management to front end coding- we are your technology staffing solution.

Check out our jobs to see the types of companies and positions that we are working with on a day to day basis.

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